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Reviews for "Nim's Winter tale"



That was really pretty. Story was cute and imaginative, music suited it well. The background of the sky as night turned to day was incredible. Very well done.


this was amazing. the music the theme the background everything just seemed to work together. i got one thing though. it must suck to have to walk all the way back to his house while pulling ythat sleigh. i personally think you deserve a 12/12. good job


The proportions, the artwork, the music, the animation, even the concept! They were all just terrific!


That was magnificent, that movie was something else, it is probably the best thing I've ever seen on Newgrounds, sheer class, it's just blown me away, it's way beyond anything else on the site, this deserves to be at least in the top 5, you are an incredibly gifted flash author, this movie is simply mindblowing. I liked how you didn't know that Nim was a pixie until he walks past Russ, that was such a nice touch.