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Reviews for "Armada Assault"


plz it waz crap make da controls more useable for laptops then it wut b good


This was a great game. Lots of fun, and I especially liked your shield system (and the invincibility powerup that lasted from level to level). I use a laptop as well, but I was able to figure out the controls, although it was a little awkward to learn to steer with my left hand and shoot with my right. I read your responses to other laptop users, so I know your problem with the arrow keys, but maybe you could have an option to use i,j,k,m to steer and q,w,e as weapon keys. Just a thought. Finally, I didn't see a powerup for the ship's main guns. One of the best parts of these types of games is working to power your primary weapon up through many steps until you become *almost* invincible. I'd like to see that if you work on the game further. Again, thanks for the fun game!


Um why'd you have to use WASD for movement that was the only...I won't say flaw...um...thing i didn't like.

Good game.

I enyoyed this. Nice shooting game. Keep it up.

I also use a lappy

so i couldn't really play very well...

either chnage the buttons or add a feature to add the players own controls...

nice for what i managed though.. its just a bit awkward holding down the function key all the time