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Reviews for "Armada Assault"

Only works for desktops :(

The attack button is on a set of keys that works only for desktops that have a full keyboard. I (as do many other ppl) am using a laptop that does not have a number pad. If you could change that or make it possible for us to alter the keys I am sure that i would love it. Thats why i gave you a 4 for interactivity.

i really liked the way....

i really liked the way the plane handled and the manuverability of it, unfortunatly i was unable to shoot at ne thing because i have a labtop without a number pad. if u could allow the player to maybe change the default controls i might be able to better see how the game plays.

Heh, I got something to say to all you complainers

Look, if you are bitching about it being too hard, then don't play it. Not all airplane games are suppose to be easy. A good example of a bitchy complainer who whines too much because he sucks at playing the game is HaystackCaldoon. This guy complains way too much for his own good. Is he trying to get a point across?

Look Caldoon, if you can't compete with the massive onslaught of airships coming towards you, then don't bother playing the game. Damn fag can't even play good even if he tried. By the way Caldoon, not all the shots fired by the enemies goes the entire screen way, that's if you were smart enough to look at how far it went.

The thing about people who play games and aren't good about it, is that they bitch about it too much saying, oh it's so hard, or the enemies keep on coming from everywhere and it's annoying. Gawd, damn people just don't got the patience it takes to be good at a game. Now, i'm not implying i'm the greatest game player in the world, but what i'm saying is that if you aren't good at it, DONT COMPLAIN ABOUT IT, quit your bitching, take it in the face, and try again.

Not all games are meant to be beaten in one run, and since this game is unbeatable (like the author said with infinite levels until you die), this game can never be beaten, so be happy with the score you got.

Now to the topic of this game. This game really is quite realistic believe it or not. I like the fact that no enemies can get killed in one shot, because that makes the game way too ez. Another thing I liked the game is the realisticness of the range, which gave it a real challenge because as we all know, bullets don't have an infinite range, so it's realistic to have a ranged bullet shot area because the thing is, you are going the same way as the bullets are going, so it feels like you are shooting a short range, when in fact, if your jet were to stay still, it would shoot a lot farther. The thing you mentioned in the authors for not showing bullets, that too is also realistic.

The weapons were quite useful, but the most useful to me was the rockets. The rockets devastated the enemies that got in it's way. The speed of the jet was quite real, and for all those complainers out there about it being too slow, just get the speed upgrade when it comes.

The bosses could be a bit harder, I annhilated the bosses with my rockets too easily. What you should do is make it so that the rocket hits it one time, instead of multiple times per shot, because that's what caused their life to go down so fast, but the machine gun rapid hit rate on the boss is fine as it is.

I could definitely see this game getting better and better, a little more adjustments, and it could be quite the airplane game to play. Great job man.

Not fun when u use a laptop

There are still laptops available WITHOUT numpad on the keyboard...

Not a bad little shooter... but not awesome.

But there are some issues that keep it from being really good.

1. The game overwhelms the player with enemies... there's a point in Assault Mode at which it becomes impossible to defeat new enemies coming onscreen because there are multiple boss ships in the combat zone. No room to maneuver to avoid shots, no hope unless that super-duper shield just happens to be in play. In other words, it's a matter of lucky powerups.

2. The main gun has an awfully-short range that makes it difficult to fire on the enemy's ships -- all of which apparently can shoot the length of the screen.

3. Ships coming from behind without warning = Bad.

4. Ships coming from behind without warning, when the player is already dealing with 3 boss ships, a handful of smaller shooting enemies, and half a dozen floating rockets and green thingies = Worse. Much worse.

5. The boss ship that shoots a stream of white lasery sparkles appears to have a safe-zone to nestle when it comes down for ramming. Appearances, however, are deceiving, as I found my shield going down when I tried to tuck in and keep shooting. :)

To sum up... if you tone done the number of ships you throw at the player... or beef up the main gun's firepower somehow... you'd have a really fun shooter here. As it is, it's too hard, and in some ways rather unfair to the poor sod trying to fend off the Armada.