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Reviews for "Armada Assault"

It music got kinda boting..

The music didnt really fit well for the gameplay..I kinda hated the fact that I couldnt see any bullets shooting out of the plane..The game got boring so I stopped playing it...8/10


This game is hot! I was lucky enough to get a few appearences on the High score list before bandwidth exceeded, but it worked really smoothly. Though that game becomes horridly impossible really quick, without weapons upgrades or things. Like in games like this, what makes them so fun is to see your gun upgrade from dinky machine gun into spread fire into missles into ultimate blue laser missle flashing death awesomeness.

There was none of that here, your gun stays the same forever.

Other than that, fun game.


Guitar Dude approves!!!

this is fuckin awsome

dont feel like writing

God damn...excellent man.

You did a wonderful job with this game. Graphics, sound, interaction, gameply...just flawless. This is flash at it's just about highest level (since I have seen better alot of timez ;)) Great job with the game though. You out did youself with this and you should be very proud of your work. I will be expecting more games by you since this came out. Great job! 2 thumbz way up d('.'d)