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Reviews for "Armada Assault"

Fix the Controls

The real problem is that if one plays on a laptop, there is no number pad, and thus no way to shoot. If this could be fixed, that would make the game much better. And by better, I mean at least playable to those without desktops.

Media makes a game

The controls are weak, movement is lame. You're media is alrite, except that boring ass play music, that shit almost put me to sleep. Work on your code.

The game over all gave me a headache really fast. Smooth that shit out and the game should be good.

Don't have a numpad

Certaintly it's not fair to judge a game given that it cannot be played, but at the same time, it's an expectation for the programmer to design a game to accomodate for all types of computers. Perhaps a customizable control opition would be best?

Make the buttons changable

I don't have a num pad, so I can't really play this game. It looked good, make the buttons customizable, and you'd be all set.

It's ok

It was good and entertaining for a bit, but a left me wanting more action and better controls, make sure you don't use number keypad again, because as people have mentioned before, laptop users can't play.

Look forward to see what your next piece will be like, you appear to ahve some real promise.