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Reviews for "Armada Assault"


I for one loved that game it was addicting as hell. fun bosses fun levels fun weapons
nice game play what more can you ask for? Only thing i got to say is the controls. just like weird. I suggest you make arrow moves and ASD for weapons. But once again nice game (according to the hi scor i was addicted enough to get the 34th highest score)

I can't play this game.

The control scheme of this game made me hate this game more than anything else.

Moving with WASD and shooting with G of all keys is ridiculous.


that was great game keep up the good work.

awsome loved i but...theres glitches

first of all the review that maybe under me the one bye miskatonic... hes just gay and doesnt know what gaming is infact i bet he just say thats becuase he cant evan make a movies th dumfuck haha anyways.... if you kill A BOSS and have invincability on you have the number of shlieds next turn so thats a big glitch and ROCKETS own better than laser and the other weapons it does alot of damge to the other ships(not bosses but the units)
and kills them with one hit... also can shoot three times so better than the laser and any other weapon.... also does 20% more damge to a boss than the laser and the other weapons try it and youill see ;) ALSO i had no problems with the controls there ok
music is ok but try a little better it gets annoying atfer you here it repeat 20 to 40 times ONE MORE THING..... went you quit you should put yes or no and put add high score i had to quit on assualt to get the door and i couldnt put in my high score i had 10386 but .....the door...(owell) anyways fix that invinable atfer you beat a boss put t o atleast 100 shelid atfer you beat every boss
anyways...loved the game graphics are good and loved it a winner in my books, nice job

Two major issues.

There are two major problems with this game.

1: The controls are awkward. I died more than once because of the awkwardness of the control setup (I've never been one to use the AWSD option for controls when they could be set up that way).

2: The game really wasn't terribly exciting. I got bored and turned it off after only a few waves of bad guys. There were never enough of them onscreen at a time to make it challenging, plus none of them shot at me (which could have made it challenging even with only a few enemies).

Other than that, this game has some potential. Work on those two issues and this could go someplace for you.