Reviews for "Penguin Polka"

i got down to 1 second!

but somehow, i dont feel that ive made something of myself....not quite worthy of being called a lifetime achievement.......

Penguin Shit

There is not reson in the world to wast your time by playing a sad ass game. There is no comedy or violence! I can't belive you even call this a game! You are even lucky to get a 3!

IIPhase responds:

Mister ukza you like robin williams and madona? and you are 13 years old do your parents approve you using the s...

i dont get it.

wtf am i supposed to do.

dude, entertainmail blows

newgrounds ownz them

i thought it was a complete waste of time

The only gd thing bout the game is tryin to get off the ice at 0 its a gd idea, i just feel u cud of dun so much more i got 0 on my third go cause my first i didnt no wat i was doin lol but i did find it easy and boarin didnt find it at all amusin i need to b more challenged better luck next time