Reviews for "Eminem Stan Metal - Sasha T"


Good god...i agree with 100 shes got the voice of an angel...and i disagree with him at the same time because i think Eminem and metal goes together pretty damn well

All i have to say is good job definetly a 10

surprisingly good

I happen to like both metal AND Eminem. So, in my opinion this is a very good remix


this piece of music is awesome, better than the original song. Why you decided to do a metal mix, isn't my problem, but you just keep it up.

- Virus

lets hear more of this angel

i dont really care for the mix of eminem with metal... just dont sound right
but your sister has the voice of an angel so this song got an 8 JUST because of her and the rock stuff
I wanna hear more of ur sis singin you could get some great ratings because of her