Reviews for "Eminem Stan Metal - Sasha T"


.....this is some good stuff, have you ever tried being a DJ, that would be cool.

holy crap

this is awesome. andyour sister did an awesome job

Check it out

Dude, you are really talented with music, I put this on my phone and this shocked some of my friends with how good it was. However, here are the downpoints;
1. Not the perfect metal track, don't get me weong, it is awesome, but it doesn't go well with the music.
2. Your sisters voice is WAY too good to be on this song, she should be showing up Dido on national TV.

Other than that, Keep it coming, I really love your music. Believe it or not, I joined NG primarily to comment on your music.

I like it

i like it man but he's rappin a little to slow for this type of beat but hey that's really the only problem but i like it and your sister can sing man and nice work oh can u do evil deeds by Eminem.

Nice man

Katie sounds good man!!! Nice one Ash.