Reviews for "Rush - Gianfri"


As your first revewer i would first like to say than.. You Are Awsomenesss.
I realy liked your song and i hope you get in got the university! What university is it? and tell me if you get in or not! this is realy what i like!!(And many others)

10/10 - 5/5
Rock on!

Gian responds:

Thanks man, I really appreciate your review. I really hope you are right and I get in :)
Btw, the Name of the university is Berklee college of music. It is in Boston MA. Thanks again :)


Berklee is the college that I hope to go to in a couple years. :P Anyway, this is sick down to the bone. I absolutely LOVED it. Why not add onto it? As if a whole band were playing? :P Or, this is a demo. Heheh.

Hope you get accepted. 10/10, 5/5....Cheers! N-P

Gian responds:

Well, thank you very much! I hope we both get in, if that is the case, see you there mate! and yes, this was basically a song concentrated on the guitars, since Im a guitar player, and I had to show what I could do with my instrument :P Cheers!

Nice Audition you got here.

It splits into two different songs or whatever you want to call it. I wish I could make a nice sounding drum track to this, but it flows strange not that that's bad.

All the guitars sound good, but it's just incomplete without other instruments. Just like drums sound incomplete without a guitar playing with.

I like it and how it all sounds, keep it up Gian bro.

Gian responds:

Thank you col. GET SOME RECORDING EQUIPMENT DUDE, we have to put some drums on this :P

Very professional sounding

You should make a career out of this, it's really awesome. It must have taken a long time to make, I bet. I don't think there is anything wrong with this. Well, it could use more cow bell but meh.

Gian responds:

Thank you very much Anthony :3 I appreciate your words.


Really great rhythm and beat, the intro was a little too long I thought and the middle of it was cool but I think you should have added in some drums and maybe some vocals?
Hope you get into that Uni you want to get in and hope to hear from you soon.


Gian responds:

Thank you very much Sarah. I know there is lack of percussion, but since it was a guitar audition, I left it like this :P I just composed this song for that audition, It took me 3 weeks. I was very scared I must say. I hope I get in too (: Thanks again for the support.