Reviews for "Rush - Gianfri"

Some solid ideas.

I'm not sure what exactly the requirements were for the piece to be submitted as an audition piece, but I'm going to go ahead and review this as a standalone song, so keep that in mind.

Okay, first... there needs to be some sort of percussion going on. A bass wouldn't hurt either. You can layer as many guitars as you like but it's still thin.

Every guitar sounds a bit thin to me. Some tone tweaking is definitely in order.

Some harmonies seem to fall enough out of tune to be uncomfortable to listen to.

Stopping the song and starting back up is kind of disheartening, especially without any fills from bass or drums.

It feels like you're trying to express as many ideas and riffs as you can, which makes the piece feel somewhat without aim.

Your rhythm riffs are pretty consistent in style and enjoyable and your leads maintain a pretty common thread, so that's a plus.

The transition into the clean section is handled fairly well, though I think I heard a couple foulups.

The sudden change in mood during the clean section was a little confusing to listen to, and I heard a few more parts where tuning seemed to be an issue, as well as a couple notes on the left lead that felt out of time.

Overall there are some really great ideas here and some solid composition for so many guitars, as well as some really solid playing, but I feel like it could have used a few more takes in places.

Gian responds:

Very good review, thank you very much. This was a 20 minute recording, with my computer and a bad quality chatting mic. Sounds really weird sometimes, and It actually sounds better live. I just made this to show an idea of what it really is. Ill make the final version soon, with everything as perfect as I can. (: Thank you again.

Where's the POW?

You need some basses and drums in there, its almost annoying just hearing it without drums, although the arrangement itself is amazing.

Gian responds:

Thank you. I need a drummer (: I know.