Reviews for "Rush - Gianfri"


Berklee is the college that I hope to go to in a couple years. :P Anyway, this is sick down to the bone. I absolutely LOVED it. Why not add onto it? As if a whole band were playing? :P Or, this is a demo. Heheh.

Hope you get accepted. 10/10, 5/5....Cheers! N-P

Gian responds:

Well, thank you very much! I hope we both get in, if that is the case, see you there mate! and yes, this was basically a song concentrated on the guitars, since Im a guitar player, and I had to show what I could do with my instrument :P Cheers!


As your first revewer i would first like to say than.. You Are Awsomenesss.
I realy liked your song and i hope you get in got the university! What university is it? and tell me if you get in or not! this is realy what i like!!(And many others)

10/10 - 5/5
Rock on!

Gian responds:

Thanks man, I really appreciate your review. I really hope you are right and I get in :)
Btw, the Name of the university is Berklee college of music. It is in Boston MA. Thanks again :)