Reviews for "old wink game thing"

Haha... The abyss!

Kick ass game, man.

Too bad I couldn't finish it, fell into the white abyss. But the fact you don't die makes it fun.

But the things running noise gets REALLY annoying quick...

Fun, Enjoyable Game.

I think you have a great game here. the stealth idea for this game was very well done and i havent seen many stealth flash games lately. the character wink is very cool, and so was the whole look of the game. i actully downloaded the game and played it like you recommended. it was less laggy but still had its problems. though i know ya will figure something out. the different attacks and actions that i was able to perform was a great addition too. though i hope you would allow us to edit the controls so it can fit our way of controlling him. i thought all those sounds you added in, from walking in the shadows to choking a enemy was very well done.i liked the intro movie, nice job.

overall i really enjoyed the game, without judjing this by the memory leak. i hope things work out the way you guys planned it..

take care gel and -Dustball-.

This is a nice game, for a pacifist like me.

There was a problem though. When I was incapacitating the lightning staff guy and his friends, by throwing them into the pit on the left, it turned out that your enemies wouldn't hurt you with the staffs if you held one of their buddies. I really didn't expect to become a hostage keeper, using them as alien shields, when i dragged them away. Strange. Anyway, great game, fix the memory problem and the boss soon. Thanks for making a great game.


Laggy and annoying, but i just love these Wink Motherfuckers!


This is some nice work there, I gave you a seven for interactivity though due to the bugs which I felt really damaged the experience for me (randomly walking through walls or floating through the air, and the doors/platforms apparently not working correctly (one would only extend if I was standing at a specific point, a point whereby I simply could not jump onto it before it closed again).

I don't want to be too harsh on the bugs though, this is a very fun game with lots of promise, if you do work out the worst of the bugs then I think you should resubmit it as a version 1.1 or something, so it can get the mark that it deserves!