Reviews for "old wink game thing"

I had no glitches at all

You should make it longer and have save game spots... there is no way I want to go through the game again to find out the boss has been created but not fully programmed yet :)

good work!


I really love this. The only problem with it is that in certain parts of the game I get stuck in the wall and can't get out.

it's fun

I like it but what color is the lighting staff

Nice But some control promblems

Well,the game was nice and sweet but it has control problems.When I was carry my staff,near the enemy and pressed D(its suppose to be melee attack right?)but instead of hitting him to the screen,I was blocking!Other than that,you said the boss has not been programmed yet,so I waited and waited(while playing other games)for 5 hours but the boss has not even moved a single step. I mean this is unacceptable!!!!!What the Fuc*

this game is good i finish it without being hit by dragon