Reviews for "old wink game thing"

Could be a lot better, and you obviously know it

Okay, I understand it's in stages of development, but seriously, if you don't want people to vote low because of glitches, DON'T POST IT. What you're putting in your comments is akin to posting another godawful stick animation to Evanescence or some crap and telling people not to pay attention to content, graphics, or entertainment value. You want people to vote 5? Then fix it so it can be played in the first place. Why would you stick it up here when it's not even testworthy?


this must be the most glitshy game that i can remember that i have ever played. i nerver got close the the enemies. and when i tried to go back he started moonwalking forward...

Great Game!But..

U gotta fix all the glitches man..i got stuck in the wall n i could teleport.

Very good

The animation is great, as is the narration. The story is interesting (although somewhat overused, with something like this it's hard to avoid). If you can get your glitches worked out, this will be an absolutely amazing game.