Reviews for "old wink game thing"


i thought it was bad because i could never hit the enemy

sorry.. to many bugs

was good but not fun, if you can understand what i mean... the enemy can not hurt you. and well you get stuck in the floor way to much, i like the idea and everything but it was a bit to boring for my taste, dont be dicouraged though cause if you work on this it could be awsome. :D


it was good but it needs easer controls.

i have the psp

i have the psp btw good game i saw tha games of gondor contest i was thinking i should join but na i would be too good for the contest to handle

Thanks for the warning!

It's a great submission- there's nothing i've been waiting more for than a game with Wink as the hero- but please hurry with patching the memory link. It's annoying having my character jumping about halfway across the stage in a single bound.