Reviews for "old wink game thing"

Loved it!

I would often find my character falling underneath the ground and through walls after a single jump..some freaky ass bugs. If you work them out...this has astonishing potential

Nice game

Hey, good game and good job. I enjoyed playing it. But there's a couple of bugs though. Keep up the good work

Bugs, bugs and more bugs. But a good game

When I finally beat the odds and loaded the game without any glitches, I found that the game was fun and had a sort of basic Metal Gear feel to it. That being said, I can't discount the glitches as you suggest, nor can I ignore the lack of ending or the shortness of the game.

For now, it will get a 3 from me, since it seems to be what it deserves. Since it is a work in progress, I look forward to giving a higher score to the next incarnation, when it will certainly deserve better.


Thats a cool game, I got to hit an enemy towards the screen it was cool but the screen didn't stop shaking after (or maybe it was the quality settings flipping out). Good stuff though, I liked it alot.


Laggy and annoying, but i just love these Wink Motherfuckers!