Reviews for "old wink game thing"


To many bugs!otherwise it would be great

Looks good.

Very cool looking, and the litle fella makes a neat sound wen he starts runing. The game controles need alot of work, very slow to respond, and could use a melee attack with alitle range like a jab.

Err...absolutely NOTHING works...

Dunno why but...NOTHING works...the enemies are flying in the air, when i try to run the camera shifts on the sides and the character dissapears, the jump button doesnt work...anyway...at least the graphics are nice...

OH GOD I LOVE WINK!!!!!!!!!!

Wink is one of the best characters on Newgrounds, and a wink game is a perfect addition to add to the collection. A glitch I found is that when you grab on to a bad guy (choke), you can drag him down a slope and he won't move right/left, but will move up/down. I found it on the first hill, but I never tested it on the others. All the effects and additions were awesome (like when you crouch, you can see what's below you, just like in real games!! Awesomeness!!)

Great game.

Nice game.

It goes well with the flash it's based on. Only problems I found are there's no way for the player to lose and there's a clipping problem at some places in the floor. Keep up the good work.