Reviews for "old wink game thing"

Twas good indeed... indeed twas good!

Hmmm....very good.... good... indeed...was good... twas! good!..... I liked it. I laughed at the glitches.. I got stuck in the floor...it was blue...very blue... then it got dark...blue! 0.o But i decided not to stop and reload the game.... so i went on and found an invisible hill.....i walked over it... my charcter flying up and down almost like he was flying! then i walked back towards the map hoping i could find someway out of the floor... where i started to fall and my character dissapeared out the bottom of the screen probably falling way too fast for the camera to follow...then the background changed.. to white! VERY WHITE! 0.o I fired off some fireballs and it kept shooting up... i laughed...but then accidentaly hit the "A" button... i dropped my staff upon which it flew up into the not falling area... or whatever was 100 meters above my head when i was falling at the time.... I like the glitch... keep it! Other then that the game was solid... VERY SOLID o.0 Graphics were cool and the style was orginal. Sound was clear and distinct and the ability to stick to ceilings and choke guys was awsome. A+ intro too. Keep up the good work =D. VERY GOOD WORK!

awesome game

it was awesome but...u gotta download it for it to be normal but it was an awesome game good job.

I loved it

I liked it alot and if you download it it runs so much better. In the game here you sneak through at the speed of a slug but if you download it and play on your computer Wink moves much faster. And I can't stick to the ceiling! It says you can but i can't do it. Is it a bug?

Great Man Great

It was a fun game gel. Could you make an update so that it doesn't take so long to sneak into the fortress. Thanks

Awesome Fun

This is a great game and has lots of potential once the bugs are worked out.