Reviews for "Adventures of Buttlock"


i loved this game! except it was too short, which disapointed me a lil :'(

and the ending was funny too haha.


Grrrrreaaaat job!

I just wasted 15 minutes of my life

Because of the ending, i wont spoil it. But u get my drift. This was a great game! HAHA, I loved it. Different every section. My fav was when I was flying around and bombing the black thing. Great job!

Do i dare say it?

Hell this is great. I could see this reaching "Alien Hominid" Levels of fame...put this bitch on a console.

Great game, like the theme song.

the animation fit well with the game, but i have to know what song was that from, i remember hearing it and i cant quite remember where.

what was the tune in the beginning when you start

the new game.

the one with the piano and that is the same tune as when you beat the lvl. What is that tune called. can anybody please tell me.