Reviews for "Adventures of Buttlock"

wall jumping is pettey hard i did like it it could improve on the wall jumps but other than its fine

i play when i was kid and a love <3

Simple, pero muy entretenido.

You deserve credit for making a game that's fairly unique. Then again, it did seem pretty similar to "Barbarian Bob". A good thing I like this game more than that. I really like how you don't have to guard against everything. I was pretty confused on how to beat the boss. His weakness is bombs, but that's what he hurts me with!

I thought maybe I had to hit the bombs against him, but it didn't work out. At least you have some decent graphics. I admit they don't seem that appropriate for a game, but that's okay. I think it's a nice setting too. For the most part, it's quite playable.

Haha great game. Very funny ending too. Thoroughly enjoyed it.