Reviews for "Adventures of Buttlock"

great work

very smooth and and shows some great style. the music went well and the added humor put a smile on. good luck with future projects, i can't wait to see more.

yay 4 u

Loved the game, but the ending threw me off, I THOUGHT it was a beautiful ending, but u ruined it :(.
The game play is wonderful, and the ninja lev reminded me of Megaman X series for some reason.... But none the less beautiful animation, beautiful fighting scenes, I loved it.


Fantastic! This game was a real treat, a total surprise. I was expecting something very simple, something not as interactive as this game, however; I was sure surpirsed to find that I was very wrong! The graphics were astounding, especially the introduction; I saw a little of detail as the main character pointed to the shooting star. Thus, you have mastered style. With you're unusual blend of anime and Dan Paladin-esque graphics, the game makes up for a very enjoyable experience. The sound & music correctly fit each scene, however; in a few adventures (Level III for example), it felt looped and slightly annoying. That can easily be fixed though! Last but not least; the interactivity of the game was fantastic! You made sure the player would not get bored by adding completely different and new elements to every level! If there is but one thing I dislike about this flash, was the very beginning, (the dungeon door and the credits). The music was correctly put, and the voice over to read the credits was nice; but I felt it moved to slow. This meant nothing to the final product though, fantastic job!
"Adventures of Buttlock" Walkthrough

Here is a helpful walkthrough that I have pieced together while playing the game. Here you are!

Level I: After being knocked down to the castle grounds, you must find yourself back to the hills. In this level, you walk around with a sword and shield. A to swing your sword, and S to duck down and block with your shield. As you move forward, you will be attacked by small green creatures (Possibly Gremlins), and large ogres with clubs. You can easily take down the gremlins with one swat of your sword with no need to block; however the ogres are slightly more difficult. Try to constantly whack your sword at them, and when they lift up their club, block. Eventually they will collapse. Once you reach the end of the castle yard, you will ecounter your first boss.
BOSS "Alien": This guy is easier than he looks. While he is flying in the air, remember to look out for his bombs; which will explode with impact to the ground. Also, an endless count of gremlins will be here, no problem however. When the alien lands, he will roll a bomb at you. Press S to block it and it will roll back to his big green self. Once hit, he will be momentarily stunned. You will have a chance to whack him a few times. Repeat until death.

Level II: BOSS "Shadow Monster"
Here is the same baddy who stole your girlfriend! He's semi-difficult, but you can take him. You are flying in the Alien's ship, you're controls are to fly around, and you can press A to drop a bomb. You can only damage him when his mouth is open. There will be two occasions when you can do this; when he opens his mouth in anger, and when he attempts to suck in his surroundings. My suggestion would be to hover at the very top near his left side, and wait for him to open. There will be a few attacks you need to dodge however. Every once in awhile, he will throw his arm to the far left side. This will not affect you if you are placed where I suggested though. The next is when he will dissapear to the bottom of the screenand hurl trees; very easy to dodge. Lastly, he will curl over and try to spike you. Merely remember this, he will not spike the same location twice. Good luck!

Level III: You are now a cool looking ninja in a building with confusing mazes. Press A to slash your sword, and B to hurl a shuriken. You'll only ecounter two enemies here, a samurai who will hide behind his shield, and a fire belching machine. To defeat the samurai, wait till he moves the shield to lift up his mace, then strike. Not only will you negate his attack, you'll damage him. The machines are extremely easy, one swipe and they'll explode. One last thing to remember in this level. Your ninja power, you can bounce from wall to wall here. Use that to your advantage!

Whoops, ran outta space! Good luck everyone!

Cool Game!!

This game roxrz. please make a sequel

The Best!

By far, the best game on newgrounds