Reviews for "Adventures of Buttlock"


This is cool game ! and i love it !

Its great!

I agree with ruffnasty lol its epic too how he becomes a ninja 3 bosses. Btw what r the names of the songs of the first boss and before the first boss? LOL at the ending the so called "woman" is actually a man! and then he throws him out the window it was fun! ^o^


ok first of all the hole stab enemies with a knife that has no range at all is a terrible concept and when ur fighting the alien boss the endless green guys is really annoying having to block a bomb that takes a bit of your health away is also a terrible idea the black shadow cat thing boss's pattern is never in the same order and that stiff arm move does way to much damage can can hold you there for to long the ninja level is just plain idiotic with no sense of direction as where to go wandering aorund with onely 1 attackable enemy an emo kid with a shied and mace wich u can just A mash to kill is also horrible


Just Wasn't for me

Repetitive, generic story, predictable patterns.

I can see how some people may enjoy it, but as seasoned as I am when it comes to playing countless flash games, I'm just looking for a little more.

I've played worse, and I've played better. Good game, just not for me.

really fun!

this is a fun game!! but with 2 problems :
can use some combo's and...
that wall jump realy is anoying....
but after all..its a fun game too play!
lok but that ending!!! she's a men!!! lol!