Reviews for "Adventures of Buttlock"

This was one of the best games I've played.

This game was one of the best flash games on newgrounds in 2005. It had good controls, fun and enjoyable cutscenes, good variety in gameplay. It's a nice short game. The ninja platforming can be arguable but not by much. This is one of my favorites, because I love stories. I wish you made an alternate ending though, I wasn't expecting that my first go round.
I replayed it again so I can give you a good review.
Guys seriously if you can't give a good review and just say "IT SUKS" then don't say anything unless you've played it properly and have something to actually say.
I am in the same boat with OuterPace, it is awesome.
PS Can I get the mp3's from this game, I like the loops.


I remember playing this since before I was a member, and It was my favorite ever. If it's too hard, it doesn't mean it's a bad game. Maybe the art was SUPPOSED to be kind of simple and gritty. Why cares? It's awesome!

first boss impossible

yea first boss impossible i dont get it and when did ufos exist in the 16hundreds or somthing basicly tis game is pointless

5 out of 5/Title:Epic Adventure of.....Love?

This game is unbelievably awesome!I understand how most dont like this game but have they played it all the way through and read all the cutscene comics...most likely not.The biggest part of the game that will NOT dissapoint is the soundtrack.The soundtrack implements the games feelings and moods.Ive read all the other reviews and NONE of them have said anything bad about the music.I love the gameplay,although their are minor..inconveinances.Like the shield holds no other purpose but to block bombs,and when you do block bombs you take small amounts of damage,their is no level to get to the second boss,and the stories end is a bit retarded,but funny none the less.I love how the cutscenes are handdrawn.I hate how short the game is though 50% of most of the reviews(including this one)say how much they hate how short it is,in fact most people like a good long,hard game that takes some time to beat.People LOVE stucture and a good game thats tough to beat is a good structural thing.This is a MUST play for people who have atleast 15 minutes on their hand.

Good game play bad animation

The levels are fun, not too hard but not too easy. However the animation is poor, the humor is even worse (somewhere around junior high level), and the voice acting is well crap.