Reviews for "Adventures of Buttlock"


The concept was a generic damsel in distress--but the execution, it was well plotted for a simple flash game. Graphics and animations are average, perhaps slightly above, but you'll enjoy it nonetheless despite that and the small resolution, with a familiar but still engaging story and hyperbolic plot that keeps you interested throughout the game. Sound and music are good, could've done better though. It can be a little repetitive, and frustrating since if you die you'll have to start all over--adds to the challenge, but a little overdone don't you think?

The big verdict is a 7/10, a descent flash. Everything was good and a couple of issues, but all could've been improved well still.


It's a good game. The End was damn funny. good game!

played it

the boy kissed the girl he sees the girl was a boy ya need to finis it

Adventures of Buttlock

Adventures of Buttlock was a very good and well made game.i love how the creator made the unique making four different playing styles. the only thing keeping this game from a perfect score is how short and the easy to sometimes hard difficulty.all in all a near perfect game 8/10 4/5

funny game is funny

I have to admit, I nearly threw up a little at the ending, but very, VERY well made.