Reviews for "Super Nothing"


LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was pure entertainment!

so few make me really laugh

"We meet again for the first time" "you destroyed my ice cream i only had one lick... now i'm gonna lick you" two great lines i hope the next one is just as good or better.

Yeah man, this vid was awesome! Make another one!

The animation of this video was awesome, and the humour was great! Super Nothing will save us all!

Hazaa! That was great!

That was awesome! I wish I could animate like that... Anyhow, the voice acting fit in nicely too. I read some reviews on this, so I'll just make a common comment: Why does the evil guy look like Alien Hominid? lol

woot corey you rock

sweet i loved it your animation just keeps getting better and the voices were amazing keep up da good work