Reviews for "Super Nothing"


Fat master and the scientist were a Vaudville duo worthy of one five a peice, however since I can only give ONE five, it goes to this movie in general.

Now it's your turn to get licked.


that was fuckin awesome man! that was pretty original too. good job man! ^__^ keep up good work! 5/5


LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was pure entertainment!

Fat Master?... ._.

Love it, "now its your turn to get liked... no wait that sounded" LOL OMFG, anyways wtf was with Fat Master? A fat naked dude running around? Meh it was awsome though.... loved it

so few make me really laugh

"We meet again for the first time" "you destroyed my ice cream i only had one lick... now i'm gonna lick you" two great lines i hope the next one is just as good or better.