Reviews for "Super Nothing"

I actually really liked that...

I was going in not expecting much....because I'm a pessimist, but whatever. I was pleasently surprised though.

The graphics were nothing spectacular, but I think it actually adds to the story and characters.

The one thing that I really liked was the voice acting. It was actually convincing, and entertaining. It was *so* pro =p

Amazingly enough, I actually laughed too. It was funny, and funny is good. So, I liked it.

Nice job on your second submission. I will keep an eye out for you in the future :)

'twas okay

yep it was okay, not too new or interesting but still good. and dude, "super nothing" looks like white ninja on steroids.

I liked it

Thats good for a second submission.


that was hilarious...I've never laughed so hard. WHy didnt he give fat master clothes or is that part of the humor cause that was funny! haha! nice do more work like this.


Very nice...Very nice...I'm sad to say though, that it was lacking a little in humor. Maybe if some more music was there, it would add to the effect of comedy. Also some more sound effects like "boingy" noises would be nice. I don't know what it is, but that always gives people the impression that it's a funny cartoon. Anyway, I loved it. It might get front page. I also loved the art. It reminded me of Alien Hominid. Once again, nice job.