Reviews for "Super Nothing"

This was funny

The characters are original but the drawing are so-so. I wanna see super nothing and the green scientist that looks like the little guy in Alien Homemind in new episode.


LOL Hahaha! that was hilarious! Very simpler animation but good.


I don't see any major problems with this funny flash. But there may be just one: the resolution. It seemed as though Super Nothing did, in fact, nothing, to save the day (save offering the Fat Master an ice cream cone).

The voice work is superb, especially that green guy (that looks terribly close to Alien Hominid, by the way, and also sounds like Gollum from The Lord of the Rings movies). Few people actually manage to do four voices convincingly and have them variate well enough to be believable.

I hope you're planning on making more of these.

I want more

I found this very funny in places, but it didn't keep that consistency through out the whole thing. The voice of the evil doctor annoyed me a little as well. I liked Super Nothing a lot though, and would like to see more of him in a series of some type.

so few make me really laugh

"We meet again for the first time" "you destroyed my ice cream i only had one lick... now i'm gonna lick you" two great lines i hope the next one is just as good or better.