Reviews for "Super Nothing"

Yeah man, this vid was awesome! Make another one!

The animation of this video was awesome, and the humour was great! Super Nothing will save us all!


This movie was so awsome it rocked so much! i want you to make a second one.


Hey man I'm glad to see that you finally finished this, I've been waiting forever. FINALLY, SOME MORE CONTENT FOR STICK HAVEN! THANK YOU! Nice job man, it was hilarious.

Well... good. I guess.

The graphics were a little strange, seemed to me like crayon drawing... The frame-by-frame could be a little better as well. And please, it's really boring when someone static keep saying things, you just feel like sleeping. Move them! Nice story, and made me smile. Improve it and will look much better.
- Kael Sorrow

It was good.

I liked it, it made me laugh. ^_^ "Fat Master" the name alone is funny. It was great.