Reviews for "Trump Card Alteisen (Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation Remix)"


I've never played (or even heard of) the series in question, but the song is just amazing. I really like the piano, and my favorite part is the outro. I really don't see why people don't like the "random hits". I think they're perfect. The only noticeable flaw I see is the lack of transition to the outro. The guitar work is great, and though I thought the song was leading to become overly complex, it never sounds muddled to me. Great work!

rtnario responds:

When I remixed this song, I just really felt the need to add orchestration and that piano. I guess it worked out well! And finally, someone who directly says that the random hits sounds okay XD They're perfect with the original and I honestly don't see why they wouldn't fit in with my remix. People are probably not used to things like that ^^;

And yes, I admit to that flaw to the outro. I do that a lot, but I try to make it sound better each time...TCA was my first attempt, so I'm not gonna wonder why you thought it was kinda abrupt. Because I know it is. XD

Also, it can sound muddled at some points where ALL instruments are playing, but I always try to balance it as much as possible.

Thanks for the review. =)

Take This One From A Gamer

..Who always studied the songs in the games :P
Okay, before the review I have to thank you for replying to my reviews :D So thanks :D

Okay, so, basically, obviously you know exactly how these kinds of songs are composed. The hits are in perfect place.. And those pauses are great even though this totally sounds like a battle theme. The transition at the end really really makes it end very beautifully, like most battle songs do, but most of all, I love when peopel mix metal/rock with videogame--and if they do it right, like you did, it all ends up making a perfect battle theme. I do have a feeling this is a battle theme.. Possibly a character theme. (I don't know much about the game you're inspired from, but as far as I can tell this is 100% originally composed by you)
Simply put this is an awesome song. And when I say awesome, I literally mean awesome rather than "cool," if you know what I mean. :P

rtnario responds:

Thanks for replying to my reply of your reply for my song. Therefore I shall give you this reply for your reply which I replied to when you replied to my song. :)

Yes I do! These kinds of songs are actually one of the closest to my style of composing, or at least I think so. Probably because I get inspired from them, no duh XD You are 100% correct that it is a battle theme, and 200% for it being a character theme. Unfortunately, I did mention that in the author's comments, which means you're wrong when you say it's 100% originally from me. :(

"...my remix of Kyosuke Nanbu's theme..."

You can try Googling the theme and hearing it for yourself. You'll see that this song is almost completely a copy of the original melody-wise. But no, the original (and by that I mean the one on the GBA) did not have pianos or orchestration, and of course my own variations. :)

I suggest you play the game if you like strategy RPGs. If you like this, there's no doubt that you'll like its soundtrack...and of course the awesome game. Thanks again for the review!

Oh hell yes! This is probably one the better remixes I've heard of the song, probably better than the ones from the anime itself (And some of those were pretty good). It captures the feel of the original song with new instruments really making it sound great.

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rtnario responds:

Ah, I heard the remixes from the PS2 game and the anime. I wished they were more upfront about the rock/metal aspect of it, which is why this exists today. Thank you for the review!

YES! Thank you for uploading this! great remix btw

rtnario responds:

You're welcome! :)

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Awesome remix, man. I'm surely downloading it.
Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 1 and 2 sure are awesome games, and this remix gives them proper treatment.

rtnario responds:

Glad I was able to give those incredible games some justice. You're welcome! :D