Reviews for "Battle - Lord of the Ring"

Good but instuctions suck

I think that you need to find some other way to posts the instructions because I eventually gave up on playing the game because I could not get the instructions to load.

Although from what I saw the game looked really cool.

One other thing, at least in the Shire section the music is not by Howard Shore I do not think. It was used in one of the previews for LOTR TT but it is actually from Requiem for a Dream.

EviLudy responds:

Thanks for pointing that out.

And yes, the site with the instructions is down at the moment.


Great Game And All...

But it was way too easy.....you can do 5k damage on the first level by powering up 2wice, then attacking... Theres almost no way to die, unless youre stupid, but the music wasa good, and the graphics were okay. I'd like to see another version, but not as easy.

EviLudy responds:

The max damage depends on the blade you are wielding. The first one can do only 1000, while the 'witch king of Agmar' can do a maximum of 9999 damage.


Sweet game! A die-hard LOTR would love this game, unfortunatley I am not one of them, I still enjoyed the game though! Good job:D

EviLudy responds:

Go and get more interrested in lotr now, lol.

Short but good

It was a good game but after about 10 mins i could hit 9999 with no power ups.

pretty good

sounds weird but if u add a story line more the one person helping u u know like a team and some armor(just for me :) heh) i would love it