Reviews for "Battle - Lord of the Ring"


Is there any items past the witch king? The sword that is. Every enemy in the game can be killed by going power up, power up, attack. When you lvl put 5 stats into Strength. Also, the enemies graphics do change. Theres a guy in Mordor with like a Darth Vader cloack. I'm pretty sure that there's a bug where you get 5 stats after every battle. Game is Ok, but needs improvement. Also, are there only 2 staves?

brilliannt game

id give it a higher score but its out of ten unfortunatley its really good but some bosses would help


beautiful game man. love the song from Requim for a dream. though it was choppy during battle scenes, it was overall nicely done. in other words gj :P

Good material

Wow man great game its very good but u could have done better with the magic and music is great reminds me of "throw it up" wit lil jon and dem east side boyz


It was so boring to just battle ennemy for no what reason .
Its repetitive and get old fast !