Reviews for "Battle - Lord of the Ring"


wasnt designed very good, for example the battles, should be sonsecutive or summat, not shoose it, and also...i dont know wat competition ur on about?

Well, I didn't exactly like it...

It was Kinda kool at the beginning, but it took me 15 minutes to become more powerful than anything in the game... and the fact that it's a bunch of balls with clothing doesn't add much to the fun... the game can is something you can work with... and it could be really good... could...

Nice,but repeatitive

I liked the game it was fun and well built. I felt that after a certan point the game got boring. likw once I could do 99999 in one in one hit. there was also no point in beating everyone. i liled how there were differnt weapons, although i have only found one staaff.
besides all of that it is an awsome game!


This game is excellent. As the title says, it gets very addicting.

Very good

I played this for about an hour thirty and eventually I got over 10000 hp and all of my magic attacks and standard attacks did 9999 damage without a power up. From that point it just gets easy. Since none of the enemies really pose a threat it just gets a little boring to continue creaming them.

I also don't see why people should complain about healing and attacking in the same turn. It sucks at the beginning but once you get really strong you WANT them to heal themselves because it gets too easy.

Another reviewer said to add bosses and I agree with that. Fighting games almost always have bosses in them it's a classic way of constructing a game. Even though I'm just complaining right now I really liked playing this. One thing though. Can you bring the damage level above 9999?

I know most RPG's did this but this is your game! Being one reviewer of many, I don't expect much but I have the power to leave a little review at least. Oh, and more enemies in combat would be a nice touch too. I don't expect it to be simple of course. It's all about the public saying you should pay attention to.