Reviews for "Battle - Lord of the Ring"

YAY 9999 Damage

i do 9999 damage in 1 hit =D good game.

Very nice

Great game. The difficulty is perfect and really stressed the importance of using your stats right. The battle music kicked ass too.

Hated it

this wasnt fun, all of my magic attacks did 6000 damage regardless of which spell it was, and how high my magic stat was. The enemys were the same every fight, just with a few more hp. Easily the worst in the battle series.


I played this long but nothing happend anymore. next time: harder, plot/storyline, skill-learning, and maybe some rpg-like things like walking around, shopping, towns, quests, but that wouldn't be "battle" anymore... but do the first things.

Awesome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was probably the best of the Battle! series. it was well drawn, had no bugs. the only problem is it's kinda to easy. i found most of the weapons on the first lvl. but other than that, it kicks ass, keep up the good work man!!!!!!!!!!