Reviews for "Battle - Lord of the Ring"


never use raise def in a battle doesn't work.


How come the enemy can attack multiple times and we can't? It is like the enemy is cheating. Fix that up. And wow, the enemy's power goes up very fast.


how boring could a game be imean all you did was clickoffensive attack then doom for the whole tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii me total waste of my time thx a lot


looks like your rpg experiment was success,eh? =)


Last review August 14, 2006?LOL!
Graphics-They were good,I'd say above average,you worked hard on these.
Style-Hmm well,haven't seen too many games where you level up and get 9999 damage real fast.GREAT!
Sound-this was original music from LOTR!ROCK ON!
Violence-So-so..I'd think just beating the crap out of evil is enough for a 5.
Interactivity-10,it's a game.DUH!
Humor-I gave a chuckle when the guys at battle level 4 get 5 turns to hit/recover and such.
Overall-This is one of the greatest rpg's I've ever played.