Reviews for "Battle - Lord of the Ring"

holy shit

that was fun you get a 5 from me

A bit too easy

Sorry to say, once my magic can deal abt 9999 damage i pretty much owned the game...

nice animation though, but music gets kinda boring after a while, cos its the same song over and over...

Where's Glamdring btw?


kinda a bit sad dude i have nothing more 2 say nicko


I had a ton of fun playing this one! It's deceptively easy to learn and play (all thanks to an excellent interface), but gets pretty deep as you go on. Awesome, I have a feeling this is gonna be a new addiction to me...

"my precioussss..."

(Sorry, it's a reflex)


Sweet game! A die-hard LOTR would love this game, unfortunatley I am not one of them, I still enjoyed the game though! Good job:D

EviLudy responds:

Go and get more interrested in lotr now, lol.