Reviews for "Battle - Lord of the Ring"

Good start

Ok, as a beta not bad at all! However, as it has been mentioned by others, it needs to be balanced. You're now facing the challenge that every game designer has. You need to make it challenging but not too much. I liked how you gave the different swords and staffs but perhaps starting off characters with really lousy weapons and no magic? And then giving the swords for beating a "boss". Say once you reach the shire's big cheese once defeated you get his special item. Or some such thing. But regardless of it's required tuning well done so far :D.


Very cool, but after 5 mins of playing I was dealing 9999 damage to everyone =/

Good job.

You've done a good job with this game. It's set up nicely, it's a very small file, and it runs well. One thing that's a bit wrong with it is balance. By the time I reached battle level 6(!) I was killing every enemy, on Mordor, in a couple hits. A bit later, with only 1000 hp, I was one hitting -every- fight... If and when you update this, you should really tone down the damage on the weapons, and perhaps make 'power-up' less available. Another small detail: After you click ona location and it asks you to confirm, it always says "Shire" no matter which you picked. It leads to the right area though.

Very well made.

Though it could do with a few bosses...=P

Anyway, to the "the instructions don't load" whiners, I've got two words for you...

"Arrows" and "Spacebar."

I'll let ya'll work it out from there.

And no, I didn't even bother trying to load the instructions; figured it out on my own.

Nice game!!!

This game is very good made... but i got bored when i reached Battle lvl 100. I got about 21750 HP 80 Attack 10 Defence 10 Magic and 100 Mp (and made 9999 dmg AND cure healed MUCH MORE then 72000HP). It's much to easy may be it would be making more fun if it gets balanced ^^.