Reviews for "Battle - Lord of the Ring"

I agree

I agree You shouldnt let them heal and attack in the same turn.
k there almost dead and then they heal 125 and attack three times in a row in the same turn.
Just change that, add a bit more items and u got a pretty good game, like sinjad battle arena or w/e.

Pretty Good but...

It was way too easy, all the enemys looked basically the same, and not enough levels.


It would've been good if it wasnt so repetitive, furthermore it was pretty lame your opponents could heal and attack in the same turn, seems pretty unfair to me!

Eeey Ludi!

Lang niet meer iets van je gezien of gehoord! Nice om weer eens wat van je te zien op newgrounds! Best geinig spel, good geprogrameerd! Ik doe het je niet na. De gevechten werden wel saai na een tijdje. Als je kan probeer dan extra characters te maken.

Yo I see you soon amigo I think!


Good but....

The whole game was very good, but it had too much of Final Fantasy for me to really like it. A good game, but after about 5 minutes it lost it's appeal for me really...