Reviews for "Battle - Lord of the Ring"

Good game!

It was a great LOTR rpg, but lacks, um... creative enemy design. Whoever did the monsters wasn't creative enough! He just made the same guy a different color! It was cool, though.

P.S. Make it harder.


Could have been better, could have been more. Good animation and art though. You captured turn based battles very well. Maybe make it a bit harder, that couldn't hurt. Definatly deserved daily 5th. Fun to play. Good job.

it was ok too easy tho

i can see that your good at making flash's and i was wondering if you would be able to tell me how to make... id like to try making 1 sometime


This is better than the third age... but that's not saying much

Ridiculously easy

Just use the power up twice and smack em, you can kill every enemy in two turn that way.