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Reviews for "OPS!"

very nice art style

Thats what i always think in films where midless goons get killed.
They have families lol.
I liked the way they all wore storm trooper helmets.


Very poingant in today's climate of treating casulties as numbers rather than people whit lives and families. It's hard to look at the other side and realize that for the most part they are in the exact same situation as you are. Great Kubrick references and fuck the fanboys who are blinded by their pointless loyalties.

Top Ten Material

That was one of the best cartoons (in general) i've seen in a looooooooong time. Purely because by the end I didn't want the storm trooper to die. I've never felt that way before, HOW THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT!?!?


Loved it

Clever, interesting, and well I can't say no to a Kubrick fan.

C'e buono!

Il film era molto buono. È grande vedere gli autori italiani qui.