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Reviews for "OPS!"

Very Clever

I rarely vote, but this flash has moved me to do so.

I thought it was unusually good. Great art, good music, goofy humor, and clever references make this flash a real stand-out piece of work. A nice change from the copious violence and sex(not that those are bad in generous quantities :P) usually on the site.

You have style. Keep animating.

Really Different

I did like the style alot. The underlying Stanley Kubrik themes were cool too.


...that was some damn art right there. Loved the look of it and the music. Great demonstration of flash skills in this movie. Keep up the great work! 5/5

[Silver Scythe]

that was soooo

WEIRD! But funny :) Though, i think you should have made things, when you were going through the trooper's life, technological of the suspected time.

Very nice work

Nice job. Let's see some more like this...maybe better??? No, probably not.