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Reviews for "OPS!"


1. stormtroopers didnt have parents [there were produced in teh clone factroy]
2. they only wore white
3.they wodnt hav signs against vader
4. they wodnt play sports, or with toys
also, its just horrible...


that was funny 10/10 5/5


You just stomped all over the laws and storyline of Star Wars but that was really funny!!!

Oh god, funny

Very nice job, good idea for a story, and intellegent. Nice choice of music, lots of classical in there, not including Pump it, but still very nice. Thought i heard the William Tell overture in there somewhere. As for the graphics, they could have been better, but honestly, i thought that the design of drawing was interesting. It brought in a new flavor. Good references to various movies, including the lady in the red dress, and the one about the two dogs with spaghetti. Nice idea putting the flame in between them, that made me chuckle. Nice job. Keep animating. (or is it programming?) 10/10, and a 5. Keep up the good work.

No freakin way.

you tard, in the end, it's him being reborn. Now stop asking stupid questions.

Great movie. Funny. Perfect score.

It says it's too short. So here is something completely unrelated and random that I think is related to the movie: It still says this is too short. That is completely retarded so says I, Kurayami-Scream.

What the heck is up with this AHHHHHH