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Reviews for "OPS!"


i loved it......and pour stormtrooper*cries*

the point is it's ment to be wrong!

are you stupid? it's not ment to be realistic dumb nerd. you got nothing better to do but bullie peoples projects? i bet your one of those fat nerds who sits at home making excuses why not to go out and socialize but instead stay in and play games ,,!,,(^_^),,!,, this movie was exellent (apart from the fetus part)


it was okay... it realy showed how pathetic the life of a storm trooper is...

but i didnt realy like it that much...

i still dont get the ending


that was pretty good

ok it wasnt the best in the world but still

pretty good stuff, rather funny, neat art style and amusing plot of the clones life, and now a message to 102pwn, whats the matter with you? its a bloody flash movie, in flash movies no one cares about whether clones had parents, or what they have on signs, or if they wear different colours for any reason, or if they play sports, plus they do age proof of this is in boba fett, he was a boy who wasnt subjected to the speed growth the others were, get a life and move out of your mums flat. ok apologies to any decent people who decided to read that. overall nice move :)