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Reviews for "OPS!"


Very creative use of audio and visual alike, i for one fairly enjoyed the viewing of this flash =D

Cute animation!

I kinda felt sorry for the stormtroooper. I mean if you were killing people, do you ever think of THEIR lives? Maybe not. Anyway, this was nicely done, superb animation and very cute.


Very clever

Great antics, wonderful music, and overall a very cute and short flash that can brighten anyones day, very well done animation, very fun to watch, and an overall pleasure kudos!

i think too much.

if you think about it, if you see your life pass in front of your eyes, it would be a loop, you would get to the point where you started to see your life pass in front of your eyes, and then you would go through the whole thing again.
i'll stop talking now.
nice one.


LOL. so they were bucketheads when they popped out of their mothers pussy?