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Reviews for "The Dynamite Clock: Chips"

After seeing this, I already wanted to eat some chips!!!

((( DECENT )))

This was ok, notbad at all, fun for sure, the visuals was ok could be better though, i was more concerned with the download size, of the flash itself cause it did take me some time, but other then that it was very cool and fun to see so notbad at all, even if it was clocks hehe...


This is good.

This is one of the best clock movies i've seen
What Conosuki said is a bit wrong it is chips in english but fries in american.

it was great

it's great i really like it but there is one problem
Chips is in hebrew and Fries is in english so next time you make something like this it's fries

terribly odd

A 5 of course for you.And so far I'm impressed that you havent fallen for all your **** R belong to ********.

So far so good.Ill play solitaire as the next one loads up at (dramatically sad viloin music)*sniff* 16.8k....

HydraulicCat responds:

add me to favorites!!!