Reviews for "Flash Halo: CTF"

should be ashamed to be related to halo

this is crap. the enemy spawns in same spot about 1 sec after you kill them. rediculously easy ai. no music and few sounds. plus the images are simply megaman X character body cover in different color with helmet changed, or am i the only one that noticed?


really there could of been more weps or sumtin =/


well to be honest um....its crappy but it was little fun i guess

Wtf Is this? (Sorry for My Rude Langauge)

Err not Very good -.- could use some more people and weapons o.o

The places enemies spawn is hilarious XD

So, you're just walking along right next to your flag, and POOF. random enemy. Also, this game is pointless since you can just hold space to shoot and then anything that gets near you dies. You can even fire when you have the fricking flag!!!