Reviews for "Flash Halo: CTF"


based on one of the most groundbreaking games ever created, and a very good idea in itself. just a few suggestions: more weapons, more music, better AI, different spawn points fro the enemy. this one guy kept spawning right infront of my base...very annoying. and btw, dunno if this is on PC's or not, but on my mac whenever i pushed control i couldnt get inside the warthog. i held it down and it finally got in, but then i couldnt get back out. also, the gun on the warthog doesnt work so well sometimes. keep up the good work ^^

Kinda sorta, not really

This would be cool as a single player platformer, but CTF needs real multiplayer and 3d.


it has a lot of potential. i'm sure once the full version comes out, it will be awsome! Oh, and, Flingotravels, Halo 2 dosen't suck... YOU DO!!


it was o.k., It could be a bit more challenging, and u should make it so its able todo more than shoot and walk left and rite or at least make it bigger.
The comments by the other players were funny though

-better luck next time

hey keep workin

u used Megaman X sprites and edited them....