Reviews for "Flash Halo: CTF"

holy sh*t

this was the BOMB!! best game ever i luv side scrollers and halo great combination

Patchco responds:

haha thanks man! me too!


I say you should draw the characters, and not use sprites. Also make more levels please! One thing I liked is how it felt like an online game, with the characters and everything they said when they died, however I would of liked it a lot more if they said a lot more different things, instead of the SAME thing everytime. There should be bigger maps, more people on YOUR team,and more characters. Even without any of those things, this game is a masterpiece but would be a lot better and nicer with everything I said. Great job man! Excellent Halo game!

hey! whats up with u guys?

i thought it was awesome ive always wanted to play halo.noobs

good game

idiots those who dont this game basicly dont like halo, the enemies do kill you. and its harder than you think you FOOLS


can u make a team slayer one too?