Reviews for "Flash Halo: CTF"

good job

well patch nice one ITS ME FROM SOCOM 2


okay theres a few things i wanna say, for starters the haters, i have seen at least over more terrible reviews than i saw good, from a bunch of assholes whos never even made Flash, especially Hulkmario, page 7 entry 10 look at the morons profile, it says Halo Sucks everywhere, If u don't like X-box, don't use a computer cause Microsoft made them both, i cannot believe these terrible reviews if i thought the movie sucked i'd help the author, which brings me to my conclusion, Patch-co , nice game man, you did nice, and you deserve nicer reviews not from lame ass bastards who don't have a life, Patch-co brilliant very brilliant, i will say this also since we are on this subject, every review i see i will mention something cause this is ridiculous and very insulting, and its downright pathetic, Patch-co this is about your game so i will review it, try and fix up some of the kinks and glitches, but overall u did excellent good job buddy, and i'm now going to watch more of your Flash work brilliant you have my props


Awesome game, man. You make a pretty damn good flash game. Keep up the good work. I look forward to play future entries of yours.


dude thats got props man great job on the music also


Love the game! nice job!