Reviews for "Flash Halo: CTF"


I've been waiting for a game like this. Except for the dull sounds i loved it and if it's possible make a sequal

This was so fucked up!

This was so messed up But a little funny it was soooooooooooooooo eazy it might be harder if THE STUPID PEOPLE AXULY SHOOT YOU! SHIT! all I had to do was get the flag run back to my bace run back to there bace etc.......


Man that was great.

i luv halooooo

this was great 4 a flash halo..................... shit it was great 4 anything good job keep it up

Halo 2 cool

thats the best halo movie ive ever seen It hasnt any humor and there is low violence but
Everything is great.
So you recieve from me a 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!