Reviews for "Flash Halo: CTF"

A well made game.

Everybody says how hard it is, but if you just hold down the fire button, you won't die! I also like the sprites. :D

Great for halo fans !

Great little game . Very well done , simple and fun . I like the chat with the enemies after you kill them . This is a good game but doesn't have much replayability !


I agree, Cut this guys some slack, let me see you do better than this. This IS a good game, A game that people SHOULD play. This is great. -10


jajaja XD

you killed holy

holy: OMG

the game is very easy, and some interactive ... where are the grenades?, a campaign mode would be nice: D, this give it a 5 / 10 by the low interaction...

a little dull

you need a bigger map and more action